Ram Skull Pauldrons, shoulder pad skull of a ram

Shoulder pads with ram skulls on two shoulders. The skulls are printed on a 3D printer. In the manufacture are used 3d models of real skulls.

The skulls are processed and painted by hand. Acrylic paints and acrylic lacquer are used. Painted to match the natural color of the skull.

Included: Pair of shoulder pads with leather straps and buckles.

Fastened with four leather tight straps: on the back, on the chest, on the shoulders on both sides. Comfortable and easy to put on and fasten with metal belt buckles. The inside of the skulls are glued with a leather gusset, so that the skulls fit pleasantly to the body and do not chafe.

Very lightweight, do not get in the way when moving, raising and lowering the arms.

Size of one skull: 270/250/130 mm
Weight of each lamb: 350 gr

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 800 g

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