Sheep horns Cosplay brown

Horns are a great addition to your costume! Printed on a 3D printer. The model of Sheep horns is used. They are mounted on a metal rim 5 mm wide. They are not removed from the rim. Painting for real horns. They look and feel like natural bone. The rim is perfectly masked in the hair, if any:) Incredibly realistic and believable horns! For your costume or cosplay character will fit perfectly!

The headband on the head is held firmly, while it does not put pressure on the head painfully. Lungs: each weighs 100 grams. The horns are varnished - can be worn in any weather conditions. On the head, the horns sit tightly, do not wobble and do not slip, suitable for long wear

I pack the cosplay horns very efficiently and firmly before shipping - the horns will not break during transportation!

The anatomical animal horns are perfect for your cool photo shoots, coaplay or for the day of the dead!

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 400 g

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