Devil horns "Mischievous Devil", Devil Horns

The horns are printed on a 3D printer. The horns are attached to a 8 mm wide metal rim. They are not removed from the metal rim. Color: Red with black. Painting by hand with acrylic paints. The rim is perfectly masked in the hair.

This model of horns has a long elegant twisting shape.

Incredibly realistic and believable horns! These horns are a charming Halloween headdress. Horns for a costume or cosplay character will fit perfectly!

The horns are very light: each weighs 20 grams. The head does not get tired of them. The horns are varnished - can be worn in any weather conditions. On the head, the horns fit snugly, do not sway and do not fall off, suitable for long-term wear. Our horns can be the perfect addition to your project: a tiefling costume, a demon, a devil, a monster, a dragon, a cosplay character or a fairy, for decoration or as part of a prop!

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 500 g

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