Tyrannosaurus Skull Mask with Lower jaw, T-Rex Skull

Dinosaur head Mask

A Tyrannosaurus skull mask printed on a 3D printer. A 3D model of a scan from a real skull is used. The stripes and print marks are carefully hidden.
The lower jaw of the mask does NOT move along with the mouth. It can not be attached to the top of the skull and lead to the neck, if desired.
Mask of huge size: length 500mm, width 230mm, height 300mm.
At the moment, this is the biggest mask of my works. Considering her small weight - 1250 grams, she sits comfortably on her head and does not press.
On the head it is held on a triple mount: an elastic band on the forehead; an elastic band on the chin; a clasp on the back of the head. The lower jaw is attached to the upper part on an elastic band and holds on tightly - it does not stagger and does not fall.

You can watch the video with this mask on this YouTube channel:

Processed and painted by hand. The mask is wide - suitable for any face, both female and male.

It's a beautiful work of art that can be displayed anywhere at home or at the office on a desk, shelf, bedroom, etc. It's a great reminder of the beauty of our planet and its Rich History.

The mask is comfortable to breathe, nothing presses on the nose or mouth. There is also nothing stopping you from talking. The visibility of the mask is good.
Special storage and maintenance conditions are not required.

The mask is perfect for a costume, for cosplay, for a photo shoot, for Halloween, for shooting a video, for pagan holidays, for scary parties.

Features of our masks:
* strong material
* handmade work
* anatomical animal skull
* face in the mask does not sweat
* Good visibility in a mask
* unique, inimitable mask
* comfortable to wear

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 750 g

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