Fox Skull Mask Helmet with Horns

The skull is a fox mask with large long horns. Big animal skull mask with antler. A large helmet mask with horns. Printed on a 3D printer. The mask covers the entire face. The Mask is solid (3 layers of plastic, inside it is also filled with plastic). After printing, the skull goes through the procedure of additional strengthening: coating with putty, soil. Painting is done manually to match the natural color of the bone. The top is covered with varnish so that the skull can accompany you in any weather conditions and can survive various physical impacts. It looks very realistic! The skull is solid and light!

The horns are sent separately from the skull. Upon receipt, you only need to connect and glue them together.

It is convenient to wear the mask - there is a foam insert inside, which firmly presses the mask to the head and does not let it fall. The mask does not press on the head.

The mask can be worn as a helmet - not put on the face.

Size: 390/360/220 mm (Horns length 340 mm)

My masks are very easy to use: For their storage, no special conditions are needed; they can be used in any weather and in any meteorological conditions; To look beautiful in them, no great effort is needed (the straps of the mask can hide the hair or hood). Its weight is 800 g.

The length of the belts is designed for both a large male head and a small female head. The mask is comfortable to breathe, nothing presses on the nose or mouth. And nothing prevents you from talking.

The mask is perfect for a costume, for cosplay, for a photo shoot, for Halloween, for shooting a video, for pagan holidays, for scary parties.

Features of our masks:
* strong material
* handmade work
* anatomical animal skull
* face in the mask does not sweat
* Good visibility in a mask
* unique, inimitable mask
* comfortable to wear

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 750 g

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