Dragon Mask with spikes, Turtle Mask

Turtle (dragon) mask with spikes. A non-anatomical model was used to create the mask.

Size: 110/180/194 mm

My masks are very easy to use: For their storage, no special conditions are needed; they can be used in any weather and in any meteorological conditions; To look beautiful in them, no great effort is needed (the straps of the mask can hide the hair or hood).

The wide mask is suitable for any face, both female and male. Very light. Weight - slightly less than 230 gr.

It is held firmly on the head by an elastic band. The length of an elastic band is designed for both a large male head and a small female head.

The mask is comfortable to breathe, nothing presses on the nose or mouth. Nothing prevents you from talking, either.

Perfect for your cool photo shoots, dragon coaplay or for dragon or turtle costume for the day of the dead!

lwh: 200x200x200 mm

Weight: 300 g

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