Homo rudolfensis skull replica \ KNM-ER

3D printed replica of a Homo rudolfensis in full real size. Without jaw

Painting to the color of a real find skull.

Size: 131/142/194

About this hominid:
Homo rudolfensis is a species of archaic human from the Early Pleistocene of East Africa about 2 million years ago (mya). H. rudolfensis is distinguished from H. habilis by larger size, but it is also argued that this species actually consists of male H. habilis specimens, assuming that H. habilis was sexually dimorphic and males were much larger than females. KNM-ER 1470 had a brain volume of about 750 cc (46 cu in). Like other early Homo, H. rudolfensis had large cheek teeth and thick enamel.

The anthropology fossil skull replica of Homo rudolfensis is perfect for a hominid skull collection, as an anatomical home decor, as a historical gift, as a museum exhibit or for teaching aids to university or school.

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