Homo Habilis OH 24 "Twiggy" skull replica

3D printed replica of a Homo Habilis OH 24 skull in full real size. Without jaw.

Painting to the color of a real find skull.

Size: 184/103/119 mm

About this hominid:
OH 24 (Olduvai Hominid № 24, nicknamed "Twiggy") is a fossilized skull of the species Homo habilis. It was discovered in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania by Peter Nzube in 1968. The skull was found crushed almost flat and was therefore named after the famously skinny model of the time Twiggy. A female skull. Estimated at about 1.8 mya (million years old), the cranium was found crushed flat and cemented together with a mass coating of limestone.

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