Paranthropus robustus Swartkrans skull replica

Replica of the skull of Paranthropus robustus, printed on a 3d printer in full size.

A skull model for anthropological analysis.

Painted to match the color of a real skull.

The scan was taken from a real find.

The lower jaw does not detach.

Size 1:1 to the original size of the skull. Dimensions: length, 176 mm; width, 154 mm; height, 96 mm.

The Australopithecus (Paranthropus) robustus Skull SK-48 was discovered by Fourie in Swartkrans, South Africa in 1950 and described by R. Broom in 1952. SK-48, formerly called Paranthropus crassidens, greatly increased what is known about australopithecines. The Transvaal cave site where it was found was blasted by explosives but, remarkably, the skull survived. The skull was found with the right canine, the first premolar and all three molars intact. On the basis of the adult teeth and small sagittal crest, Broom determined the specimen to be an adult female.

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