Australopithecus afarensis Bust

3d-printed bust of Australopithecus Afar. Sculptural reconstruction of T. S. Baluyeva, E. V. Veselovskaya. Painting under bronze.

Very light (200 g).

Bust height – 211 mm.

You can order: black or bronze color.

Australopithecus (4.2-1.8 million years ago) - great apes that lived in the South African savannas. Their paleontological remains strongly suggest that they were upright, and they did not make stone tools. The skull structure and brain volume were similar to modern chimpanzees, but had a slightly larger brain (500g).

The anthropology replica of the face reconstruction of the life appearance of the Australopithecus Afar is perfect as an anatomical home decor, as a historical gift, as a museum exhibit.

lwh: 150x150x150 mm

Weight: 250 g

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