Homo Naledi skull replica from original

3D printed replica of a Homo Naledi in full real size. With not removable jaw.
The most famous reconstruction of the DH1 find.

Size: length, 194 mm; width, 122; height, 150 mm.

About this hominid:
Homo naledi is a species of archaic human discovered in the Rising Star Cave, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa dating to the Middle Pleistocene 335,000–236,000 years ago. Along with similarities to contemporary Homo, they share several characteristics with the ancestral Australopithecus and early Homo as well (mosaic anatomy), most notably a small cranial capacity of 465–610 cm3

The anthropology fossil skull replica of Homo Naledi is perfect for a hominid skull collection, as an anatomical home decor, as a historical gift, as a museum exhibit or for teaching aids to university or school.
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