Paleolithic Venus from Willendorf on a stand

Venus of Willendorf (Venus of Willendorf). The sculpture is printed on a 3D printer.

The size corresponds to the natural: 110/50/50 mm.
Weight – about 100 gr.

Very strong. The stand does not detach. Colors to choose from: bronze; black.

Venus of Willendorf is a small statuette of a female figure discovered in one of the ancient graves of the Gravett culture near the town of Willendorf in Wachau, a village of the Agsbach commune, in Austria by archaeologist Josef Sombati on August 7, 1908. Together with the Galgenberg Venus, it is exhibited at the Vienna Museum of Natural History (Austria).

lwh: 150x150x150 mm

Weight: 250 g

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