Bison licking insect bite replica

"A bison licking an insect bite", the replica is printed on a 3d printer. The scan for printing was taken from the real find.

The size corresponds to the natural: 68/100/28 mm.
Weight – about 100 gr.

This is a copy of a carved figure from the late Paleolithic period, known as "A Bison licking an insect bite." The figurine was found on Mount Abri de la Madeleine in southern France. It was carved from a deer's horn about 15,000 years BC and is part of the Madeleine culture. It is now on display at the National Museum of Antiquities near the place where it was found. The figure is a fragment of a spear thrower in the form of a bison with its head turned and tongue sticking out.

This figurine is a famous work of prehistoric art and a worthy part of the collection of a lover of antiquities.

lwh: 150x150x150 mm

Weight: 250 g

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