Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas

A great reason to make a costume photo shoot can be the Halloween holiday. The Day of the Dead can be an occasion for a cute photo shoot in costumes of famous characters or for a beautiful dark photo shoot in Gothic or horror style.

Today we will devote time to a rather frightening photo shoot, but as you will see, it has its own beauty and charm.

Masks and details

Animal skull masks are often used to create a scary image, primarily because such masks have a connection with the image of the Wendigo, widely distributed in popular culture. This image is complemented by deer antlers and a black mantle or other mystical clothing.

The human skull mask will help to create an equally mystical image, horns in this case are already optional, although they are also used. You can save money on a costume by using a themed cape. The image turns out to be terribly beautiful!

If you don't want to hide your face, a mask is an optional attribute. Use makeup. You can use the staff and horns to create the image of a shaman or witch, also wearing rags or a beautiful magician's robe.


The place takes a leading role for mystical photo shoots. This is primarily, of course, a forest, a forest thicket.
A great place can be just a field, a wasteland…
Destroyed houses, abandoned villages, castles are also suitable.

Additional attributes

To make your photo shoot really scary, you can add a few mysterious details. For example, being in the image of a priestess in the forest, kneel down and tie your eyes with a red ribbon or draw eyes on your palms and in front of the camera close your eyes and open your palms, use skulls as props.

In general, mystery plays an important role in such photo shoots: use strange poses, imitate blood on the body, come up with a scary story that will be known only to you.

Photo processing

Obviously, a witch in a bright and colorful photo is unlikely to scare anyone, a dark filter will need to be applied to the photo, add fog or make the background blurry. If you are in the image of a shaman, add flame lights that will illuminate the face. You can add art objects to add beauty to the photo.

We hope that our article has managed to convey to you the beauty and charm of scary photo shoots. Horror photos can not only frighten, they can be the subject of art and decor of mystical and gloomy interiors.
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