Demon Horns. The Creation Process

Looking for how to make horns for cosplay, a photo shoot or for a Halloween costume? In this article we will tell you step by step how we make our ram horns. Let's make a reservation right away that to create horns using our method, you will need a 3d printer, which you can rent or order the printing of blanks.

So, step 1. Search for a model

You'll need a 3d model to print. We developed the layout ourselves, but you can find a lot of ready-made works on the Internet.

After we have selected the model to print and the 3d printer has finished printing, we proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Gluing

Too large horns will not fit on the printing table, so it will need to be divided into parts and glued together. Our horns didn't need to be glued together. Immediately after printing, we attach the horns to the metal rim. The rim is heated and pressed into the plastic, after which we mask the entrance place. After that, the rim can no longer be disconnected from the horn.

Step 3. Processing

We take sandpaper and erase all traces of joints and irregularities. This is a very slow process, the more time you spend processing the product, the better. At the end, the product is covered with a primer. We use different types of primers for different products, mainly acrylic. There are no comrades for taste and color here, so choose which one you like best.

Step 4. Painting

You can use any paints. We use acrylic paints, we paint through an airbrush, because with its help you can create beautiful color transitions. Acrylic paints can be used by any company, they can also be painted manually (this is how we painted our first products).

Pay special attention to the places where you need to apply shadows (make a darkening). After painting, the product is covered with a special varnish. We use acrylic varnish.

Your demonic horns are ready! We hope our article turned out to be useful to you.

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