Human Skull mask full face with realistic teeth

Mask of a human skull without a lower jaw. A mask is made from a scan of a 3D model of a real human skull. The size is increased from the original human skull, so that the mask fits well and comfortably on the face. The painting is done under a dark old bone.

My masks are very easy to use: For their storage, no special conditions are needed; they can be used in any weather and in any meteorological conditions; To look beautiful in them, no great effort is needed (the straps of the mask can hide the hair or hood).

The wide mask is suitable for any face, both female and male. Very light. Weight-slightly less than 300 g.

It is held on the head with a strong elastic band. The length of a elastic band is designed for both a large male head and a small female head.

The mask is comfortable to breathe, nothing presses on the nose or mouth. Nothing prevents you from talking, either.

Visibility in the mask is good, although you will have to get used to it a little at first.

Size: 147/184/170 mm

The anatomical skull mask is perfect or your cool photoshoots, coaplay or for the day of the dead!

You can watch a video with this mask at this link on YouTube:

lwh: 350x200x200 mm

Weight: 500 g